VFX Showreel



Snow White and the Huntsman

  • Zbrush concept sculpts of hero ‘dark fairy’ creature
  • Hero body build for dark fairy creature, including particle grooming effects of 25,000 shards for the outer skin and inner body sculpt.
  • Modelling lead character digi-double
  • Modelling and texturing hero ‘tree-man’ creature
  • Model,texture and partial lookdev of dark forest foliage and creepy crawlies

John Carter

  • Lead ‘Thoat’ creature modeller
  • Created all fine and larger displacement wrinkles within Zbrush
  • Liased with Director in making facial concept tweaks
  • Responsible for creating variant ideas and sculpts for crowd shots
  • Lead a team of artists in creating blendshape variants of the creature
  • Worked closely with the texturing and rigging department to create a working topology through out the pipeline
  • Looked after all ‘Thoat’ costume models from creation to publishing, again liasing with texturing and rigging
  • Modelling one half of the ‘White Ape Arena’ environment
  • Modelling hero props and costumes for the ‘Tharks’
  • Modelling face shape variants for crowd ‘ Tharks’

Iron Man 2

  • Modelling and texturing Robert Downey Junior’s digi-double
  • Modelling and texturing race car digi-double suits
  • In charge of costume photoshoot
  • Modelling F1 racecar
  • Shot lighting

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

  • Modelling and texturing part of Michael Cera’s digi-double
  • Modelling part of Mae Whitman’s digi-double
  • Modelling hero ‘snow dragon’ creatures
  • Modelling and texturing skate sequence environment
  • Modelling and texturing hero props

Prince of Persia

  • Hero model of sand-glass crystal
  • Environment modelling of ‘sand-glass chamber’

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