Show Breakdowns


General Site responsibilities at Double Negative

  • Trainer in zbrush workflows, and DNEG modelling and publishing processes, including complex asset package environments.
  • Trainer and presenter in Marvelous Designer
  • A go-to person for build in Vancouver
  • Created show and site documentation including training and modelling efficiently for destruction
  • On set experience scanning and capturing photo reference of actors
  • Set up as a build stakeholder for the last few years, helping maintain and create new standards within assets for the entire company. Including models, textures, ldev and rigging.
  • Assisted HR in hiring new modellers to the company
  • Showreel reviewer for potential new employees
  • Helped in bids for new model work
  • One of the first few Dneg employees sent to Vancouver to help set up the new office.
  • Mentor to new starters to help them get set up and show the best practices.

Show Work

Deadpool 2

Senior character artist

  • Concept sculpt and creation of Ryan’s “little legs” character. From initial bid, to final sculpt of lower part of his body
  • Cloth creation in Marvelous Designer for “little legs”
  • Cloth creation for Josh Brolin’s character for various hero outfits
  • Environment/set dress modelling

Pacific Rim 2

Senior character artist

  • Retopo of “Rajin” 2


Senior modeller

  • Environment modelling of the abandoned military base
  • Crystal sculpts

Blade Runner 2049

Senior character artist

  • Responsible for hero model of “Joi” for holographic affect with 12 variant costumes
  • Self taught marvellous designer to create a more efficient pipeline process for the generation of so many costumes for one character.
  • 35 Facial blendshapes modelled for Joi, based of FACs shapes.
  • Utilised wrap 3 for easier generation of blendshapes
  • Model/textured and ldev’d “Bill” aka Harrison Ford’s character and costume
  • Modelled “K”, Ryan Gosling’s hero character
  • Modelled “Mariette”, Robin Wright hero character

Star Trek Beyond Enterprise destruction

Star Trek Beyond

Build lead

  • responsible for the build of most of the vehicles on star trek. This included concept through to modelling, texturing, ldev and rigging.
  • Worked alongside the lookdev lead to maintain consitency, a good looking end product while keeping the rendering efficient.
  • Bid days for newly awarded work
  • Created plans on how to tackle large asset structures like the USS Enterprise, which needed to be both light enough to render easily, and yet hold up for all the close ups. It also needed to be built for destruction, and structured in a sensible way to allow for light fx sims on specific areas of the ship.
  • Created varying levels of detail in models and ldev for hero ships to be used in various set ups (hero close up, mid distant, ‘crowd’ swarms where there’s hundreds on screen, and proxy for animation)
  • Liased cross site with supervisors on what elements they needed specific to their sequences, and came up with plans on how to handle each requirement without going over bid times.
  • Processed on set imagery for model, texture and lookdev artists
  • Cleaned up and decimated lidar scans taken on set
  • Maintained wiki documents of best practices and workflows
  • Held meet and greets for new starters each week to introduce them to the build on the show and what work as a whole had been awarded to the company.

Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) in Disney's ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, an all-new adventure featuring the unforgettable characters from Lewis Carroll's beloved stories.

Alice through the looking glass

Build lead

  • Responsible for looking after build within ‘Witzend’ environment.
  • Built castle in witzend
  • Maintained wiki documentation on build


Build supervisor

  • Responsible for all build including environments, characters, vehicles and props in the following areas: concept, modelling, texturing, ldev, rigging, shot sculpt, hair and cloth.
  • Modelled, textured and lookdev’d various buildings, characters and props on the show.
  • As the first show at the company to use clarisse, i helped develop workflows that would aid render efficiency for the show and in turn feed that back to site.
  • Helped train new starters on clarisse workflows
  • Looked after the stereo vendor at the end of the project and managed all bag and tag
  • Processed on set imagery for model, texture and lookdev artists
  • Cleaned up and decimated lidar scans taken on set


Heart of the Sea 

Lead creature artist

  • modelled ‘moby Dick’ hero whale
  • modelled bull, cow and calf variants of whales
  • directly worked with the external vfx supervisor on the look and feel of Moby. I juggled the delicate balance between making him anatomically correct, yet emote feelings and give character (not an easy thing to do with sperm whales!)
  • modelled various other sea creatures (remora fish, dolphins etc)


Thor the Dark World

Model supervisor

  • Responsible for over-seeing all build items; characters, creatures, environments, vehicles, and props
  • Supervising the capture of photography and digital data on set of main characters
  • On location model and texture photography acquisition of environments
  • Liased closely with art department to create look of Asgard home world
  • Responsible for cleaning lidar and processing reference photography
  • Provided detailed breakdowns of complex environment assets
  • Created site documentation for artists
  • Trained artists in ZBrush



Senior modeller/texture artist

  • Model face replacement digi doubles for  James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl)
  • Model and texture various F1/F3 race cars at full screen height


Man of Steel

Senior character modeller

  • Model digi double replacement for Lois Lane (Amy Adams)
  • Assist model of Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon)
  • Model digi double of fighter pilot
  • Model Supermans cape (and wore the real one too! )

Snow White and the Huntsman

Senior character modeller/textures/lookdev

  • Zbrush concept sculpts of hero ‘dark fairy’ creature
  • Hero body build for dark fairy creature, including particle grooming effects of 25,000 shards for the outer skin and inner body sculpt.
  • Modelling digi-double of William (Sam Claflin)
  • Modelling and texturing hero ‘tree-man’ creature
  • Model,texture and partial lookdev of dark forest foliage and creepy crawlies


John Carter

Senior creature modeller

  • Lead ‘Thoat’ creature modeller
  • Created all fine and larger displacement wrinkles within Zbrush
  • Liased with Director in making facial concept tweaks
  • Responsible for creating variant ideas and sculpts for crowd shots
  • Lead a team of artists in creating blendshape variants of the creature
  • Worked closely with the texturing and rigging department to create a working topology through out the pipeline
  • Looked after all ‘Thoat’ costume models from creation to publishing, again liasing with texturing and rigging
  • Modelling one half of the ‘White Ape Arena’ environment
  • Modelling hero props and costumes for the ‘Tharks’
  • Modelling face shape variants for crowd ‘ Tharks’


Iron Man 2

Character/Vehicle modeller

  • Modelling and texturing Robert Downey Junior’s digi-double
  • Modelling and texturing race car digi-double suits
  • Modelling F1 racecar
  • In charge of costume photoshoot
  • Shot lighting


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Character modeller

  • Modelling and texturing part of Michael Cera’s digi-double
  • Modelling part of Mae Whitman’s digi-double
  • Modelling hero ‘snow dragon’ creatures
  • Modelling and texturing skate sequence environment
  • Modelling and texturing hero props


Prince of Persia

Environment modeller

  • Hero model of sand-glass crystal
  • Environment modelling of ‘sand-glass chamber’ environment

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